Hiding Susan, acrylic on 24x30 canvas

Hiding Susan

This isn’t a regular article/essay type post because I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to say. Or, could be I am just too lazy today. Still, I am determined to write a weekly something or other so here’s a poem in place of the standard blog post. The poem was written to coincide with the featured painting (in case you wondered which came first).

Hiding Susan, the Poem

she is un-sturdy in the world
her legs r weak
her weight is burdening
she is a heavy bloom filled with scents
scents of righteousness
scents of sanctimoniousness
scents of pure
scents of judge me not lest I be the judge
metaphors with no substance save self as victim
victim as verb
victim as noun
victim as adjective
not a spiral but a spin
kinetic to the schematic weight of the World
goodness of the World
evil of the World
the blindingly devastatingly atrociously messed up muck of the World
whimsy and murder
thoughtfulness and disdain
vacuous echo of void distinctly related to resounding bellows of failure
check check double check
not a spiral but a spin
an infinite gathering of random chunks and minuscule pieces of rancid debris
dispersed with aplomb and aflare throughout Self
absorbed by Self
overeaten by Self
back to Self
Self as victim, victim as verb, victim as noun, victim as adjective
weakened by weight
burdened with choice
weighted by chance
heavy with reason

there was a moment in time, single and divine
exclusive to Susan, meant only for Susan,
designed to create Susan and Susan became Susan
not crippled defeated ruined worthless numb Susan-in-Hiding
Just Susan


maybe Susan is just fat and needs to lose some weight

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