• When Doves Cry, oil on 20x24 canvas

When Doves Cry

When Doves Cry, oil on 20×24 canvas, sold. This is a depiction of women as warriors and their dual spirits as lovers of peace and, what it means when the peaceful woman spirit is threatened. The title of this work happens also to be the title of a Prince song and was used in his movie, “Purple Rain“. Prince’s use of crying (or mourning) doves seems to refer to what happens when two doves, monogamous and lifelong partners, fight. According to the Bright Hub Education website, mourning doves don’t necessarily just represent grief or sadness: they actually represent optimism in the face of such tragedy. In my painting, I use the dove in its iconic status as a symbol of peace juxtaposed with women called to war. Both scenarios represent an extreme as the women must act in a manner opposite to their intuitive nature.


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