• Boxing Susan, acrylic on 18x24 wood panel

Boxing Susan

Boxing Susan, acrylic on 18×24 wood panel. Susan is an ordinary girl who must control everything around her. Impossible, she knows but she can take the helm of what is hers, her food intake and her body created by her food intake and, like a bad sea captain, she self-righteously abuses both. Medically, numerous suggestions abound regarding Susan’s decision to starve herself but nothing scientifically causative as been set forth. We all suspect and I, by placing Susan on a gift-wrapped box with a bowtie of lobster heels … I am suggesting society has lent much to Susan’s potentially fatal perception of self and a need to fit someone else’s standard of beauty. She must be bone thin. She must be attractive. She must not be overly anything else she risks becoming physically opposite to her warped ideal of beauty.

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