Damaged, oil painted on sand on 18x24 canvas


Damaged is self-portrait and introspect. The painting is 18×24 oil painted over sand on canvas. The style is abstract expressionism. I suppose.

This work is an older piece and one of many that allowed me respite from a Moment. A moment when I am at war with myself and my arguments are divergent as red and green are opposite.

Often, I am elsewhere. Someplace removed from here. Someplace where no decision is the only possible decision. Someplace still.
From inside, I see out. Sometimes, I am barely there. At times, I am a stranger.

I would ponder a place where laughter is light and the names of babies are born on the breaths of spring but the grounds my feet touch and the planes upon which I walk are seldom the same thing. Because I am damaged. Because that is the whole truth except for the lie. Because I am damaged.

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