Chaos in America

There is chaos in America and the world is on fire. Not sure how else to view it. The COVID-19 virus is every bit the definition of pandemic and every country on the planet has been impacted and, none more so than the United States of America. We have more infections. We have more hospitalizations. We have more deaths.

Meanwhile, the United States government continues to rip children from their families and do God knows what with them. We don’t know all of what happens to children removed from and NEVER returned to their parents. We do know the cages continue to be full – amid a global pandemic, no less.

Meanwhile, an awareness (finally?!) of how little Black Lives Matter, the abject brutality of the police, and the total lack of accountability regarding the caustic behavior of those meant to serve, is causing the streets to boil over with Americans venting anger and disgust at the callous disregard of human life. That the masses are marching in the middle of a global pandemic says everything.

Meanwhile, the damage we have done environmentally is already near-catastrophic as the government continues to roll back and remove existing protections because this administration does not believe in science.  As of May 2020, the Trump administration has rolled back 64 environmental rules and regulations, and an additional 34 rollbacks are in progress. These rollbacks and removals have been lauded by the supporters of this current administration as they link arms and hearts and pocketbooks full of cash because cash and power are the factors that truly matter.

There is chaos in America.

If anyone of us in this country committed the acts the government commits against its’ citizens today, we would call it kidnapping. We would call it assault with the intent to do bodily harm. We would call it grave negligence. We would call it intimidation. We would call the initiation of a secret police force to attack Americans with tear gas and rubber bullets that can maim and kill treason. We would call the kidnapping and CAGING of children inhumane. And, we would arrest the individuals responsible.

End Rant.







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