Who I Am

How one views the world is a critical component in progressing or regressing, as the case may be, one’s own humanity in life. I have a side-eye wariness of the world that, in my mind, is subtly nuanced and visible only to me. What other people actually seeWell.

How one views the world has everything to do with how one chooses to be in it.

Artist Statement

Sam Grisham 8 thumbnailI am a contemporary artist working in oils and acrylics. My style is representational and my palette is saturated, primal color. I am entranced by the relationship of color and emotion and I am influenced by the political, spiritual and sometimes cynical wariness of my generation as well as my heritage, my come- from- place. I consider that I am both a Womanist and Humanist and I use art to explore what that means to me.


Sam Grisham 7 thumbnailI was born in Muskegon MI in 1954 – part of the baby boomer generation that emerged from the ashes of world war to question humanity. A lot. Today, I live with humanity on the outskirts of metro Atlanta. My formal education included a stint at SCAD Atlanta where I majored in painting and was recipient of the SCAD Artistic Honors, Amos Glenda Knight Keys and Joel C. Reeves scholarships for painting. I have had two successful solo exhibits and participated in numerous group exhibits at local galleries including Arts Xchange, Mason Fine Art, Southwest Arts, Arts Clayton and deFine Art. I am also the author of Camouflage, a book of short stories and poems, and co-author to a chapbook entitled We Paint Poems.


The Light at the End
The Light at the End, oil on 36×48 canvas, was selected by author and educator, Kimberly Ann Collins, as the cover for her 2017 book titled “Choose You, Wednesday Wisdoms to Wake Your Soul”.

The Light at the End Choose You!
The Light At The End Thumbnail ChooseYou Book Cover Thumbnail
She Didn't Want To
She Didn’t Want To, oil on 18×24 canvas, was selected for inclusion in the Adanna 2016 Annual Literary Journal. This artwork has been sold. Prints are available.

She Didn’t Want To Adanna Journal
She Didnt Want To Thumbnail Adanna Front Cover Thumbnail
Mississippi Red
Mississippi Red, oil on 24×36 canvas, was painted after the short story, Mississippi Red,  was published in African American Literary Review, volume 27, no. 2, Summer 1993. This artwork is not for sale.

Mississippi Red African American Review
Mississippi Red Thumbnail African American Review Volume 27 Cover
Camouflage I, oil on 24×36 canvas, was painted after I wrote a book of short stories and poems for which I also created digital illustrations and the cover. This artwork is not for sale and the book is out of print.

Camouflage I Camouflage
Camouflage I Camouflage Book Cover

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Sometimes I paint what I can see.

The Light At The End 372x500


I see what I can paint.

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